Key questions

1.) What makes us different from other introduction agencies in Russia?

Our revolutionary approach is that we don't charge per letter, phone call, Skype call etc. Once you become a member, you just pay one flat fee and you can communicate with the Russian lady you'd chosen as much as you like. There would be a direct communication channel between you and her and, of course, we will help you with translation at no additional charge.

With us you'd enjoy the best of both worlds, i.e., on one hand we're located in Russia and we're a Russian company, we speak Russian as our first language and know all ins and outs of a dating situation in Russia. On the other hand, company's Director Grigoriy who owns and operates KOTKOVSKI, LLC spent 7 years in the US and Canada. He speaks fluent English and he even has an experience of teaching English as a Foreign Language. He completed a course in Sociology at a University which helps him better understand the social aspect of an international dating.

Last, but not least is that we are incorporated and conduct our business in a strictly legal way. You get a contract. You pay, you get a receipt. When you deal with a commercial entity that obeys the law, you're also legally protected as a customer.

KOTKOVSKI, LLC is committed to conducting its business with the highest level of integrity and transparency.

2.) Our fee structure

You pay us in the beginning a 6 months membership fee of US$499. Then you pay US$99 per introduction. Introduction means that both you and a Russian lady you chose want to get to know each other personally. So you gotta have a way to communicate directly with each other. With your permission, we give her your contact details and she contacts you directly. To learn more about our fees please click on the link below to read our Terms of Service.

KOTKOVSKI Terms of Service

3.) Application process

If you would like to apply for Membership with KOTKOVSKI, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Please fill out and send us an online enquiry form and attach one recent photo of yours. Do include your full name (both first and a last name) in that form, so we would be able to issue an invoice for you. Click on the link below to do that.

Online Enquiry Form

After we receive and process it, we'll get in touch with you to inform you of our decision as to whether we feel that we're able to help you in your particular case. If more information is required for us to reach a decision, then an interview with you will be scheduled. You can either call us at +7 (985) 879 9363 or we can use Skype. Our Skype name is:
Please mind the time difference. Our time is a Moscow time (GMT +3). You can check our business hours in the site's footer area. If we think that we can help you to find a partner, then you will get from us your first set of login credentials. You gonna need it to make your membership payment in the amount of US$499. You use the first set of login credentials to log in on our site's homepage and once you're logged in, you would see a menu item in the Main menu not seen before - "Payment". You go there. Scroll down and you'll see just under the lady's image clickable text "Our services ENG" and our logo, which is also clickable. Please click on "Our services ENG" or on the logo there. Scroll down again and you'll see "6 months membership for men" on the left - click "Add to Cart" -  click "Show Cart" and if you scroll down you'll get to the cart. You have to agree to Terms of Service by ticking the appropriate box in the bottom of the cart module. After that please proceed to checkout by clicking on the "Confirm Purchase" button. Our cart module automatically converts US dollars into Russian rubles. So you'll be seeing US$499 in Russian Rubles!!! Ꝑ is a ruble sign (same as $ for a dollar). You pay us in our local currency (RUR) and then during the transaction your bank automatically converts RUR into your local currency and your bank charges your card in your local currency.

Just a few words about safety. First of all, as you can see, we use HTTPS protocol on every page. Secondly (and more importantly), you make a credit card payment not on our site. We don't get your card info. We use a 3rd party credit card processer. The 3rd party credit card processor is a company that accepts credit card orders in our behalf. It's a publicly traded company on NASDAQ. This one:

Yandex Kassa is what we use and it belongs to Yandex. You'll see as HTTPS URL when you get to the place where you'd have to provide your credit card info.

If you do not wish to use your credit card online to make a payment, you can make a wire transfer. In this case we will e-mail you an invoice with our company's bank account information that is necessary for making a wire transfer. If you use online banking, it's possible that you could make transfer of funds in it. To be sure, please ask your banker. Or you can always do it by going to your local bank's branch and from there you can make a S.W.I.F.T. wire transfer. Just keep in mind the bank's transfer charges. You send US dollars to us with "OUR" payment instruction (which means that you'd pay your bank's transfer fee). Ask your banker about the total amount of money required. Our bank doesn't charge an incoming fee. The intermediary bank is a Citibank in New York. And the bank that we use in Russia is VTB 24, which is a very stable and secure bank.

You'll have to print out our Terms of Service, date and manually sign it. Please scan all the pages and send us the scans.

After we receive your payment you would get an access to our Communication Center called "CommCenter" (sort of an Intranet) where your case will be reflected in writing and documented. It's also a place where you can ask questions and tell us anything you like. To get there you have to log in on our site's homepage using the same set of login credentials as before. Once logged in, you would see a menu item in the Main menu not seen before - "CommCenter". You go there and you enter the CommCenter first set of login credentials just to get to the CommCenter login page (the login page itself is password-protected). Once you're there, you use the second set of CommCenter login credentials to log in.

Overall, you'll get from us three username and password combinations (3 sets of credentials). The first one you use to see "Payment" and "CommCenter" menu items in the Main menu and to make a payment. The second one you use to get to CommCenter login page. The third one you use to actually log in to the CommCenter.

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