Success story

Back a few years ago, our Director Grigoriy used to live far away from Russia. He always dreamed of a Russian wife.
So he started to search for one online. Then he found a lady that he fell in love with. They spoke on Skype. She was shy at first.



After they got to know each other better, she came to visit Grigoriy in the country where he lived at the time.
They met at the bus terminal after she'd caught a taxi from the airport to the downtown.






















They spent a quality time together shopping at the local mall and doing other fun stuff while being together.














They started a relationship and she returned back to Russia. Soon Grigoriy had flown to Russia and they got married at local ZAGS
in the town of her residence - Tula. You can see a happy couple at the time of signing official marriage papers.





















WE DID IT and we definitely can help YOU to find your perfect Russian wife!

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